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Lucky Breakup



Bethany Cosentino enjoyed a bang-up first year as Best Coast in 2010, the promise and premise of the Los Angeles trio's early singles totally eclipsed by July's Crazy For You (Mexican Summer), a blindingly tight debut LP that fires off 12 Cupid-quivered rough drafts of a return-to-sender love letter (opener "Boyfriend") in less than 30 minutes. But had these drifting, reiterating forlorn-Californian pop songs been delivered via a different medium — cut-and-pasted magazine copy, for example — the former Pocahaunted singer/guitarist might have been booked on something more than a national tour. "You say that we're just friends/ But I want this till the end," Cosentino pleads over stutter-stepping drums and limb-swinging six-strings on "The End," just in case the gist of the title track got missed ("I want to hit you, but then I kiss you/ I want to kill you, but then I'd miss you"). All the wanting and waiting by the phone for him to get home should become irksome, but that's Crazy For You's spherical trick: Besides providing a fresh slant on both '60s girl groups and the current fleet of reverberated surf rock, it turns codependence into something dangerously cute. Fellow West Coasters No Joy and Wavves open. Tickets $16.50. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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