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Louisiana: Where Land Meets Water


They've done it again. On the heels of their recent collaboration featuring important early 20th century artists associated with the old New Orleans Arts and Crafts Club, NOMA has again joined forces with the Historic New Orleans Collection in the production of this new Where Land Meets Water expo. Tracing the evolution of 175 years of Louisiana landscapes, the exhibit showcases paintings, watercolors, prints, books and drawings by more than 50 artists assembled from both collections. Executed between 1815 and 1990, these works explore the qualities of life and art in a very damp place where water is often closer than you think. Featured artists include Marie Persac, Richard Clague, Ellsworth and William Woodward, William Buck, Alexander J. Drysdale and Will Henry Stevens as well as Clarence Millet, whose Little Red Church on Water appears above. " D. Eric Bookhardt

Through December

New Orleans Museum of Art, City Park, 658-4100;


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