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Lost Intentions: Ovary & Oculus: Photographic lightboxes by David Solow


They're back. For a few eerie months, few students that remained in a city of closed campuses. Now that most local universities have reopened, student life is back in bloom, including the more experimental offerings of university art galleries. The Diboll Gallery atop the Loyola University Library reopens on Thursday with the photographic light boxes of David Solow, whose artist statement is itself a meditation on time, space and place. He says his images are about decay, which happens so slowly it seems motionless even though it's really a process. Photography is also a process, yet photographs are still by nature since they stop motion and depict people and things as they appeared in the past. "These photographs in lightboxes are about the obliteration of the 'habitual,' which has the same Latin root as habitation, which relates to the food and shelter theme of the images, and not only food and shelter, but also specifically cultivation and architecture, outgrowths of civilization. And what is civilization but the cementing of placement and location? We must build buildings to keep us safe. That is what these photographs portray and resist. New Orleans has always been a city that, for me as an outsider, resisted the habitual and embraced decay. And that was part of its beauty and vibrancy. It is also a city whose residents recently lost their shelter and went without food -- a city whose loss included so many of its people." Opening reception 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday.

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