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Live music in New Orleans this week (Nov. 8-14, 2016)


Mr. Universe album release
Fri. Nov. 11 | Adam Campagna's Everything's Good/It's Not Working (Moderate Fidelity), the New Orleans musician's debut as singer-songwriting alter ego Mr. Universe, is powered by a warm, Muzak-y Roland Rhythm 77 drum machine, pushing along his golden AM radio- and country-influenced bedroom power-pop. Singer-songwriters Kristin Diable and Guts Club open at 9 p.m. at Sidney's Saloon.


Sun. Nov. 13 | After proving it could write an indelible anthem — 2007 bow "2080" — Yeasayer seems to have spent the rest of its career proving it could screw one up. This is, in a strange way, just as big of a compliment: Amen & Goodbye (Mute), like Future World and Odd Blood before it, refuses to toe any one straight line. Lydia Ainsworth opens at 9 p.m. at Republic.

  • Photo by Stefano Masselli

Peter Hook and the Light
Mon. Nov. 14 | Peter Hook has assumed responsibility as the self-appointed historian for legacy bands Joy Division and New Order, bringing the post-punk and New Wave classics out of the shrines and back into the clubs. Here he performs the entirety of the Substance compilations, which might be gimmicky if not for the presence of the bassist who defines them. At 8 p.m. at Republic.

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