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Live music in New Orleans this week (July 12-18, 2016)

  • Photo by Chad Whithed

Wed. July 13 | As the mastermind behind gorgeous glitches and elusive, late-night funk instrumentals, producer AF THE NAYSAYER is the eye in the middle of Louisiana's boundary-pushing, DIY electronic whirlpool. Gandhi Castle, Death Cat, MC Trachiotomy and Donde Wolf also are on the bill at 9 p.m. at Siberia.

Creepy Fest
Thu.-Sun. July 14-17 | Sheer Terror Records presents its eighth annual citywide punk rock festival with more than 40 bands spanning venues across New Orleans, with art shows, burlesque and film screenings (including the Troma cult classic Surf Nazis Must Die, with director Peter George). Visit for details.


de lune deluge
Fri. July 15 |
Honeycomb, the latest from local trio de lune deluge, casts a different instrument for every voice in singer/songwriter Vanessa Degrassi's head: guitar, Wurlitzer organ, ukulele, flute, glockenspiel and singing bowl — each a character actor in a sanguine daydream. Soul of Sam opens at 8 p.m. at Bar Redux.


Big Business
Sun. July 17 | "Keep breathing," these Los Angeles-via Seattle sludge-rockers holler on fifth release Command Your Weather (Joyful Noise). Miraculously, through an early period nearly swallowed by bigger acts (original Businessmen Jared Warren and Coady Willis both became Melvins in 2006) and a recent history marked by attrition (once again a duo), they have. Andy the Doorbum opens at 9 p.m. at Gasa Gasa.

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