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Lin Emery: New Work


She stayed through the storm, and as with many of us, a bit of Katrina stayed with her. For years, Lin Emery's sleek and delicately poised metal sculptures have reflected the lush organic forms of the natural world. Polished metal elements on aerospace bearings evoke leaflike forms on long, tapered stems that gracefully float, swirl and pivot in the gentlest of breezes. After Katrina, Emery says her work 'is a little more pessimistic now I was here and it influenced me a lot. All the trees bending were very beautiful. I made models out of cardboard and paper, representing the violence of the storm." She later interpreted them in metal along with an elaborate audio/kinetic installation that she sees as a protest against the violence currently taking place in so many places around the world. — D. Eric Bookhardt Through April 26

Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St., 522-1999;


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