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Lin Emery: New Work



Change is in the air. Lin Emery has for years created clean, lean, metal sculptures inspired by nature. Abstract, leafy forms poised on long, tapered stems gracefully float, swirl and pivot in the breeze, yet their svelte lines also suggest a formidable tensile strength so it often came as a surprise when they displayed the refined equipoise of ballet dancers with their fluid gestures and pirouettes. But that was then. While working on a commission for an oil and tool company, she was intrigued by the industrial forms she saw all around her, and her most recent large-scale works consciously reflect this man-made mechanical geometry, even as her smaller pieces remain rooted in nature. It's a new phase for an artist who has received much recognition over the years, including the Grand Prize for Public Sculpture in Japan.

Through Sept. 10

Arthur Roger Gallery, 432 Julia St., 522-1999;


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