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Lil Wayne at the New Orleans Arena


  Right before Lil Wayne's triumphant Voodoo Music Experience homecoming show, the milli-selling sensation from Hollygrove promised to call me. OK, his publicist said he'd call me. Well, actually, she said he'd BlackBerry his answers to a short list of questions. Anyway, it's January and no word yet from Weezy. I wonder what he could be doing? Is he still counting the million dollars in fresh bills Cash Money Records CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams gifted him for his birthday? Spending quality time with his new baby son? Maybe he's in the studio, remixing a remix of a remix, or putting together those 40 new tracks he promised for the alternate version of Tha Carter III. Maybe he's practicing the guitar he likes to carry around onstage. Or it could be his teeth — he missed a couple of court dates last year, I heard, on his dentist's medical advice. (Those fancy grills can be a real pain.) And he's been spending a lot of time with his ringmaster running buddy T-Pain, whose AutoTune-induced warble has managed to change the standard for contemporary R&B in the course of the past year — singles like "Can't Believe It" and "Chopped & Skrewed" from Pain's release Thr33 Ringz are still flooding the airwaves, and Weezy's all over the album. (An album from the two-man supergroup, T-Wayne, is said to be in the works.) In fact, the duo will be at the New Orleans Arena this weekend, with support from Wayne's rock 'n' roll collaborators Gym Class Heroes and hard-knock R&B diva Keyshia Cole. Hopefully, he and I will be able to spend some quality time together then. If I can get past security, that is. My New Year's resolution? To face the fact I'm probably not the only girl waiting by the phone for Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Sigh. Tickets $37.75. — Alison Fensterstock

Lil Wayne

7 p.m. Sun., Jan. 11

New Orleans Arena, 1501 Girod St., 587-3663

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