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Lighten Up

Hurrah for "The Incredible Shrinking Plate" (Cover Story, Nov. 11). Most restaurants already have enough on the plate to easily feed two people, which often leads to unnecessary waste for those conscious of calorie content.

The restaurants and chefs of this city need to focus on providing their customers with less volume, sodium and saturated fat and instead provide vegetarian and vegan alternatives that are not glopped with a half-pound of butter or cheese.

The talented chefs of our city are certainly capable of formulating menus that do not put their customers at risk for heart conditions, strokes and diabetes. Let's hope "The Incredible Shrinking Plate" will result in the incredible shrinking hips, stomachs, thighs and rear-ends of the restaurant patrons in this town.

Paraphrasing the late Martin Luther King Jr., I have a dream that one day the people of this country will be able to judge a menu not only by taste and appearance but also by content of calories and nutrition.

Myra Foster

Yeah, Lighten Up

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow (News & Views, Dec. 2) uses unpopular slander of the right wing against President-elect Barack Obama. It was negative then and still is now. Why is Gambit supporting these types of views? Connection to Muslims, Osama Bin Laden and burning of American flags is not funny but sickening. And I love humor.

Jason Coleman

Keeping Faith

It is tragic and so very sad that the souls of the parishioners ("Mass Protests," News & Views, Nov. 4) are being hurt for no other reason than trying to keep their church open.

It poses serious questions about the hierarchy in the Catholic Church. The parishioners should make the closure decision rather than the bishop, especially since they have the resources to make the church self-supporting.

This is akin to the current sexual abuse crisis in the American Catholic Church. Pedophile priests are abusing children, and the bishops are covering up the abuses. It seems that the American hierarchy continually makes bad decisions.

This is all so very sad and so unnecessary. I feel for Ms. (Barbara) Fortier and her fellow parishioners. I hope and pray that you will continue the cause.

Verdun Arnaud

Los Angeles

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