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Dome Or Domicile
I saw the story about the rebuilding of your beautiful Superdome Monday, Sept. 25, on Good Morning America for only $185 million. At the moment of the newscast, I was -- and pretty much still am -- disgusted that there was even an investment of $185 million to rebuild a sports arena. A sports arena?

There are still thousands of displaced families and children who could have had safe housing. Children who are still living in Houston or Birmingham or Atlanta could have had housing. Children who are unlikely to see childhood friends, businesses that have been destroyed, could have gotten a boost with a fraction of that $185 million. Yet, the city of New Orleans decided that renovating a better-than-new Superdome was paramount to safe housing for city residents.

If the residents knew any better, they would be protesting any and all New Orleans Saints games until the city of New Orleans spends an equal or greater amount on the housing for its own residents. As much money as the professional NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL players make, more of them should be contributing to the still-displaced families, damaged neighborhoods and destroyed businesses.

Now, I truly feel bad for the residents of New Orleans. They have been duped, and duped good.

Andrea Wright-Valdez
Fayetteville, N.C.

Guarded History
It was interesting to read of National Guard looting in St. Bernard ("Name, Rank and Serial Plunder," Sept. 26).

While our neighborhood had nothing nearly as serious as St. Bernard, we did have several enterprising Texas National Guardsmen who spent their leisure hours going through several homes. Unfortunately (for them), one dropped a receipt with his name on it and the NOPD tracked them down and recovered stolen property before we knew we'd been looted.

And, to put things in a historical perspective, National Guard looting was reported after the San Francisco earthquake 100 years ago.

Julian Feibelman Jr.

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