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Losing Our Religion?

Having recently seen the wonderful movie Cinderella Man, I read with interest Rick Barton's review in the June 14 Gambit Weekly.

Why did he have to ruin an otherwise excellent article with his perplexing and ridiculous comment about "Catholic parishioners praying for Jim's victory"? I know the answer to my own question. Why let facts interfere with bashing religion -- especially Catholicism! How dare Ron Howard make any reference to the fact that Braddock was an Irish Catholic, living in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood and attending a local Roman Catholic church, whose pastor happened to be a fight fan. Tell me: Why shouldn't his neighbors and parishioners pray for the man who was letting a little light into their otherwise bleak, hopeless world?

When will the liberal press finally realize that religion has a very special place in the lives of many, many of us?

Philip E. Doolen

Onward, Christian Soldier

Iam sending this letter in regard to Molly Ivins' op-ed "Maaine thd Blamd" (May 24).

In the piece, Ivins quoted herself: "In the name of Jesus Christ Almighty, why are people representing our government, paid by us, writing filth on the Korans of helpless prisoners? Is this America? Is this Christian?"

Do you know anything about the military of this country? First off, the vast majority -- quite possibly 90 percent -- of the military consists of poor to middle-class youth who attended public school. Prayer was taken out of our public schools more than 40 years ago. They are not taught the 10 Commandments; they watch violence-prone "entertainment" and play video games, and listen to rock or rap music.

Bottom line: Our military is not even close to being composed of Christians. If our military is not Christian, why would anyone expect them to behave as Christians?

If you want Christian values, then you should write a column that urges a return to prayer in our schools. That would be a beginning, and then you can rightly criticize this disgusting behavior. Other than that, the results that we both agree are reprehensible are to be expected.

Owen Allen

EDITOR'S NOTE: The column's headline "Maaine thd Blamd" was the result of a printer's error.

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