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A 'B.S. Article'

I read your cover story in the April 12 issue of Gambit Weekly. It is obvious that Ms. Reckdahl did a lot of research for this article.

As you can imagine, you must know that I think this is a B.S. article and with the racial tensions in our area what they are, it appears to me that Gambit intentionally tried to create something that does not exist.

I learned that the target was painted by a trusty several years ago and we have continued to use it to train the correctional officers with the pepper spray guns.

Hopefully, in the weeks ahead you can have Ms. Reckdahl write an article that really should be explored, the black on black killings in Jefferson Parish and the surrounding parishes. Gambit and other news media think the problem will go away if they do not acknowledge it.

Very truly yours,
Harry Lee
Sheriff, Jefferson Parish

P.S.: Several people who have looked at the picture said that the target looks like the 'Ginger Bread Man.' Is the Ginger Bread Man black or white? (I know he is not Chinese!) Also, some people suggested it looked like Eric Cartman of the South Park comedy series.

'Appalling' Behavior

I came all the way from the West Coast this year to see the Indians. Although an Uptown native, I'd never seen them before. I'd also never seen how the police treated them. It was appalling ('St. Joseph's Night Gone Blue,' March 29).

If there was a problem that night at Washington and LaSalle, it was because the police created one. I thought they'd lost their damned minds. From the way they behaved, you'd have thought Osama bin Laden had been spotted shooting hoops in Shakespeare Park. It was ridiculous.

What's the basis for this hostility the cops apparently have for the Indians? In 1905 or 1965, it might've made some sense, but not now. I've seen scarier situations in the French Quarter on a Saturday night, and the cops didn't react in that fashion. At the very least, it was a community relations blunder of the worst sort.

Gregory Alan Gross
San Diego, Calif.

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