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Laurel Street Bakery opens second location



  Laurel Street Bakery (5433 Laurel St., 504-897-0576; opened its second location (2701 S. Broad St., 504-897-0576; Oct. 7, adding another new restaurant to an area that for years offered primarily corner store fare such as boiled seafood and po-boys. Laurel Street Bakery proprietor Hillary Guttman says that in addition to opening the Broad Street location, she's giving the original location a facelift so that it can "go back to where [it] started from" and use its commercial kitchen, "Big Mama Bakery," solely for specialty orders such as wedding cakes and bake everything sold at the bakeries. The Broad Street location also serves as a place for Guttman to debut new dishes before offering them at the Laurel Street location. "Broad has a lot more bagels, and we highlight them, our spreads and our breakfast sandwiches there, as well as our espresso," Guttman says. "The other store is more focused on pastries and it only offers two breakfast sandwiches." The Broad Street location is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. If there is sufficient demand, Guttman will open on Saturdays.

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