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Mayor Landrieu writes CBS in attempt to bring Colbert to New Orleans

Urges The Late Show to move to New Orleans



  File this one under long shots: Mayor Mitch Landrieu has written to CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves, asking the network to consider moving The Late Show to New Orleans when Stephen Colbert takes the reins from David Letterman in 2015.

  "Though it may seem like an unlikely fit, New Orleans and The Late Show or its successor would be a great fit," Landrieu wrote. "New Orleans is a brand unto itself and is particularly attractive for the demographic you are trying to reach."

  Landrieu goes on to enumerate the state's many tax incentives and the city's Office of Cultural Economy as potential advantages for CBS. The network probably is aware of most of them, as it virtually relocated to the French Quarter for a week in 2013 when it turned Jackson Square and Decatur Street into a series of giant sets for Super Bowl XLVII.

  Colbert, whose Comedy Central program The Colbert Report currently tapes in New York, where his family lives, is said to be unlikely to uproot his staff and change cities, as the new Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon did recently when he moved production of the show from Burbank, Calif. to New York. That hasn't stopped Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti from wooing Colbert or New York Mayor Bill De Blasio from trying to convince Moonves.

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