Lafitte Portrait

Terry Jordan, 47


I moved into Lafitte three years ago, from the Fischer development on the West Bank. I didn't want to leave Fischer, but they made me, because they knocked it down. They told me, come back in three years; I signed my name on the paper and everything. But all I've been doing is waiting -- I feel HANO doesn't even know that I exist.

"Before Katrina, I did housekeeping at Lindy Boggs Hospital and coached softball for NORD. People in the Lafitte noticed that I keep my glove in my truck and that there always are softballs in the back. After the little boys started asking me about it, we started going to the park across the street. I would be the only female there, playing softball with about 20 little boys. I felt so excited, because that's what I do. Their parents were all standing by the fence, cheering us on.

"I'm in a trailer right now, on my sister's property in Harvey. But sometimes I get the feeling that I've overstayed my welcome. My sister is beautiful; we have a good relationship and I don't want to mess that up.

"Last year, at the end of September, I hitchhiked home from Houston. My apartment, it was a first-floor apartment near Tonti and Orleans, and it was a mess, mold everywhere. So I prayed, put on a mask, and started cleaning it out with bleach and ammonia. A security guard came and said that we were trespassing. But I was finished. So I know that my apartment is fine. If they asked me to clean it back up myself, you'd see how fast I could move."G

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