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LA. weighs in on Obama's Health Plan


   About two-thirds of Louisiana voters are opposed to President Barack Obama's health care reform efforts, according to a new survey by Southern Media and Opinion Research (SMOR). The poll was commissioned by the Louisiana Association of Health Underwriters, an association of state health insurance professionals. The poll showed that generally, Louisiana voters believe they would be worse off if health care is offered through the government. They also believe the deficit will increase, and they don't want to fund reform through higher taxes.

   "President Obama has been very critical of insurance companies," says pollster Bernie Pinsonat. "But here in Louisiana, voters trust insurance companies far more than they trust President Obama."

   The survey was conducted via telephone among 600 likely Louisiana voters chosen at random. Of those surveyed, 92% of respondents already had some health care insurance through a private or public provider. The interviews took place Aug. 20-23, and the results have a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

   Among the key findings:

   • 62 percent of all respondents oppose the president's reform proposals, while only 31 percent favor them.

   • The results differed sharply along racial lines, with 79 percent of black respondents favoring the president's reform effort. Among white respondents, 81.5 percent opposed Obama's plan.

   • 80 percent of all respondents said they were "very satisfied" or satisfied with their current health care, while 78 percent said they are "very satisfied" or "satisfied" with their current health insurance. — Jeremy Alford

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