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Kream of the new crop


  Vincent Cook III and two partners will open the ice cream parlor Kream at 8116 Oak St. in February 2015. It will offer sweet treats with adult ingredients until midnight. The idea came to Cook when he realized that there was nowhere to go for a late-night dessert.

  "We came up with [the idea] because there was nowhere to get ice cream or anything like that after a certain hour," Cook says.

  The owners served samples at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival Nov. 23. Flavors included a creamy, booze-infused vanilla ice cream, a juicy, locally sourced satsuma ice pop and "poptail" (ice pop cocktail) made with lemon, gin, vodka and a dash of bitters.

  "I'm excited about doing a mint julep shaved ice," says co-owner Shamalon Johnson. "It's something very fresh." — SARAH BAIRD

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