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King of the Meal


Whether you're in the mood for salad and fresh fruit, Chinese cuisine, seafood or sushi, you'll find them -- and more -- all day every day at King Buffet (601 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 837-4383).

The restaurant offers a sushi bar and six buffet lines that are fully stocked from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. There's a buffet line of desserts, another of salads and fruit, and others with Chinese dishes, American foods and seafood that ranges from baked scallops to frog legs.

The lunch buffet is $5.95 for all you can eat, and the dinner buffet is $10.95.

"The food on the buffet lines is pretty much the same (from day to day)," says manager Charles Lil. "The buffets do change from lunch to dinner. For dinner we have oysters on the half-shell, crab legs, grilled [beef] ribs, roast duck, steamed whole fish and more."

A testament to the freshness and quality of the food is that most of King Buffet's diners -- about 90 to 95 percent -- are repeat customers, Lil says.

"With a restaurant like this, the main thing is you have to have the volume (of customers) to keep the food fresh," Lil says. To do that, the restaurant has lots of seating, a family-friendly atmosphere, an efficient wait staff and, of course, buffet lines that not only are hot and fresh, but also offer something for everyone.

Perfect Picture

There's an art to capturing a personality on film, and for most people those candid insights come in the form of snapshots that lack the polished touch of a professional. Now, you can get portraits that have both at Mon Ami Photography (4122 Magazine St., 891-2904).

Photographer Karen Sulzer Rodomista, who opened her Uptown studio in April, specializes in candid black-and-white portraits, particularly of children, snapped while they are in comfortable surroundings and are being themselves.

"It's more of a lifestyle (portrait), not really traditional, but more candid," she says. "I don't use a lot of backdrops and props; it's more as if they're in their own home. I try to capture special moments."

The sushi bar at King Buffet offers all kinds of sushi, - made fresh while you watch.
  • The sushi bar at King Buffet offers all kinds of sushi, made fresh while you watch.

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