Kindest Lines



Guitarist Jack Champagne pulls up his high school winter formal photo on Facebook from his iPhone. His hair does look much better than his date's. "Chicks didn't like me because I was a Smiths fan," he says.

  Vocalist Brittany Terry defends the jet-black, Robert Smith-esque tease he wore to the dance: "Your hair looked better than hers did."

  Justin Vial says digging Morrissey didn't fly in Luling or at Hanhville High School, which he and Champagne attended in the mid-'90s. "(Vial) used to sing 'Tomorrow' on the bus to me," Champagne says, laughing. But Vial has the one-up on Champagne: "You used to make fun of a girl for liking Queensryche, and you made her cry."

  The trio comprises Kindest Lines, whose debut album Covered In Dust is steeped in the splashy reverb, dreamy synthesizers and skittering drum machines of '80s post-punk and darker New Wave. Brooklyn-based Wierd Records added the band to its roster earlier this year, and Kindest Lines begins a month-long tour this week with California's Xiu Xiu. The band's atmospheric, gothic pop revisits the dream world of Cocteau Twins and early 4AD records bands, and the fashionable momentum of the "dark wave" oversaturating the coasts — but not so much New Orleans.

  "(New Orleans) is wide open. You can do what you want," Vial says. "People might accept it or not accept it, but you can literally do anything from the ground up."

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