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Karina Wisniewska: New Quartz Sand Paintings


Born in Venice in 1966, Swiss artist Karina Wisniewska was an acclaimed concert pianist for most of her adult life. Despite her starring role in many recordings and performances with leading European symphony orchestras through the '90s, she decided in 2000 to devote herself exclusively to her true love, visual art. Since then, she has devised her own form of painting using quartz sand and acrylics to create intensely textured surfaces seen in paintings like Memories of the Sea (pictured). She takes cues from legendary musician John Cage. 'It is from the moment, the here and now, that the colors and the structures that paint our world arise," she says. 'With virtuosity and nevertheless straight from the heart, I probe boundaries way beyond the actual canvas " and create a feeling of an infinite expanse." — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Sept. 27

Octavia Art Gallery, 4532 Magazine St., 309-4249;


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