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As bathtubs, showers, tiles, sinks and countertops age, they lose the finish that gives them their sheen and makes them easy to clean. Rebirth Restoration (By appointment, 220-4054) can bring back their original beauty and add years to their lives for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Owner Todd Fabbro uses a two-step, nontoxic chemical adhesion process to resurface porcelain, fiberglass and cast-iron bathtubs and sinks, repairing chips, cracks and scratches along the way. He also can resurface countertops, shower enclosures and tiles.

"People like to keep the old deep-well sinks and cast-iron tubs," Fabbro says. "[Resurfacing is] really easier than ripping out an old tub, especially the ones that are walled in. It comes out to about a third of the cost."

The two-step process Fabbro uses is unusual in the local industry. While others apply toxic acid to score the surface before refinishing it, Fabbro repairs and sands out cracks and chips, applies a base coat, then a topcoat that is non-toxic and safe for use even on kitchen countertops.

"The major advantage of what I use is it's a polymer," Fabbro says. "It's non-toxic and fume safe. It can last about 18 years." He also can use the process to give old tiles a more contemporary look. "I can change the color from the pink-and-black of the '50s or the avocado of the '70s without tearing out and replacing the tile." Fabbro offers free estimates and a five-year warranty on his work.

Moving the Capital Now is the time to think about improvements to your home and garden -- perhaps adding a water fountain or statues -- because Roman Capital (116 City Park Ave., 486-8800) is taking 30 percent off the prices of everything in stock during a moving sale. Owner Linda Vitry says she's offering the discount to help her decrease the inventory she has to move when the current shop closes March 11. She will still sell her products by appointment after that date. Vitry says she hasn't yet found a new location for her shop, which sells cast-marble and limestone fountains, statuary, urns, pedestals and other items, but hopes to purchase a large, enclosed area, which will allow her to expand into antiques and other items.

Rebirth Restoration can make a worn bathtub and tiles look like new, without having to tear up your whole bathroom.
  • Rebirth Restoration can make a worn bathtub and tiles look like new, without having to tear up your whole bathroom.

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