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John Alexander: Recent paintings


He's a Long Island cowboy and a crony of the rich and famous, celebrities ranging from Jimmy Buffett to Bill Murray, and for some time now he has also been a big-time nature artist. Admired for his technical virtuosity and a certain old-time way with paint, John Alexander migrated from Texas to New York City in the late 1970s. There he became neo-expressionist of sorts, with paintings that satirized the likes of Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger and a host of stuffed shirts, a tactic that resulted in top-dollar sales to a host of other stuffed shirts. In the late 1980s he began to feel the pull of nature tugging at his soul like a siren song wailing up from the dark depths of his childhood memories of the woods around his hometown of Beaumont, where he and his father used to hunt wild hogs. But by then he was, despite his rustic manner, a New Yorker, so when he went in search of wild nature it was to the Hamptons, where he began painting the kinds of beasts we see here, startled owls with hyperthyroid eyes, a bevy of crows eating watermelon, as well as an array of more tropical flora and fauna including fields of cotton and some herons and palmettos under a hurricane sky. His drawings, in particular, have a 19th century look about them, which some attribute to the fact that his 19th century-born father was in his late sixties when he sired Alexander, providing him with a living link to the long distant past.

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