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Jindal 'stands up' to D.C.

Governor forms nonprofit, heads to N.H.



  Five months ago, Gov. Bobby Jindal launched America Next, a nonprofit group to advance conservative political policies. Last week he launched Stand Up to Washington, a group to help the campaigns of conservative Congressional aspirants — and, perhaps 2016 presidential aspirants.

  In an interview with Politico, Jindal explained, "Obviously, my main focus is still going to be continuing to help governors win their races and candidates to win gubernatorial races. But I also get a ton of requests to go and speak and help federal candidates in the Senate and the House. So we just thought this was a logical thing to do."

  Stand Up to Washington, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, will allow Jindal to travel the U.S., donating to and raising money for fellow conservatives — which he does already, with great frequency. Two days after the Politico interview, Jindal appeared at a breakfast in New Hampshire before going on to the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference in that state later in the day. In all, he had eight stops planned there.

  A presence in early-voting New Hampshire is, of course, vital to any presidential aspirant, and Politico asked Jindal the requisite question about his candidacy. "I haven't decided on that course. I'm looking at it," he said, adding, "Everyone knows we're thinking about it."

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