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Jim Sohr: One Man Exhibition



He's a Bywater institution, an alternative artist whose paintings would have baffled Freud, Jung and Rodney Dangerfield. Now on view at Salon Dante, they can also baffle women getting their hair done. Despite his enigmatic imagery, Jim Sohr is really a down-to-earth Midwesterner; he's just unusual. Formerly known for darkly manic canvases filled with extraterrestrial Chihuahuas in armored hoop skirts, demon harpies and mad, bionic Rottweilers, he increasingly paints the Wisconsin of his youth, a land of prairie flowers, polka-haunted jukeboxes and bug-eyed Nordic blonds. As a painter of expressionist pathos in his golden years, Sohr fades to a whiter shade of pale in a vision of innocence tinged with irony, his own lost highway through the tangled Americana of his mind.

Through August

Salon Dante, 701 Dante St., 865-1044


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