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Jefferson propositions


  Voters in unincorporated Jefferson Parish and some cities in the parish will be asked on Oct. 19 to renew two millages that fund water and sewerage operations. The renewals would be for 10 years. We recommend Jefferson voters approve both propositions.

  The current millage rates are 3.54 mills for water (which is the sole source of funding for the parish water department's capital budget) and 3.58 mills for sewerage services. Jefferson Parish President John Young says failure to pass these millages would jeopardize ongoing improvement and maintenance projects, as well as curtail access to federal and state matching funds. These are not new taxes. Renewal of these low property taxes would continue to provide safe drinking water and basic sanitation for parish residents.

  According to Young, a homeowner with a house valued at $100,000 (with a $75,000 homestead exemption) would pay only $8.85 a year for the water millage and $8.95 per year for the sanitation millage. Those fees go up to $44.25 per year for water and $44.75 for sewerage for a house worth $200,000. That's a bargain. We recommend a YES vote on both propositions.

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