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Japanther with Pygmy Lush and Thou


Just below the animated street scene on Japanther's excellent website lies an accidental requiem for New Orleans skateboarders. It's in the upcoming tour dates section, which still lists the locale of the Brooklyn duo's second New Orleans show in the past three months as Peach Orchard Skate Park — the Interstate 610-nestled concrete playground in Gentilly reduced to rubble by Norfolk Southern on May 14. So, instead of catching art-punk creatives Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek in one native habitat, another (adopted DIY safe house United Bakery) will have to do. The gig falls in the middle of a six-week stretch that started at Manhattan rock cathedral Webster Hall and ends at Los Angeles shoebox community center The Smell, with pit stops at coffeehouses, friends' houses, recording studios and cemeteries. That each makes for an apt venue gives some idea of the cornucopia of tastes on display in the 14-track, 29-minute head rush of 2011's Beets, Limes and Rice (Tapes). The distorted sample-skits of "Ding Dong Alujah," "Light Dear Japanther" and "Meet You Later" could be surf-rock detritus, and would-be pop tarts "First of All," "Porcupine" and "Come Back Home" get spoonfuls of cyanide in the forms of overdriven bass and keening, overdosed treble. Pygmy Lush and Thou open. Admission $5. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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