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Irish Channel St. Patrick's Parade

The Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club proudly holds its 59th annual mass and parade this year. According to the committee, despite the hurricane, this year's parading membership is shaping up to be the largest ever -- more than 850-strong. Dick Burke Jr., son and nephew of the founding members, continues on as president of the organization, which promises to keep the old Channel tradition alive, with men sporting their formal attire on floats stocked with beads and the usual garden items, such as potatos, cucumbers, onions, carrots and the ominous cabbage heads, all perfect for later inclusion in a hearty stew, or, if you're the creative sort, for use in art sculptures speared on the sharp tips of balcony fenceposts. The Mass starts at noon at St. Mary 's Assumption Church (2030 Constance St.), to be followed by the parade, which begins at Felicity and Magazine streets, hangs a right down Jackson Avenue, then turns left on St. Charles Avenue, left on Louisiana Avenue, and left on Magazine Street, where it ends at the corner of Jackson. -- Katie Walenter

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