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Amy Falcon's philosophy about her State Farm Insurance business (500 Vintage Drive, Kenner, 441-8900) goes much deeper than selling customers a car insurance plan then hoping she doesn't hear from them except at renewal time. She wants to speak with her customers often and become a full partner in plotting for them a secure financial future.

Falcon, who opened her office three years ago, is certified to give her customers all the insurance and financial products State Farm has to offer, including car, medical and life insurance, general and college savings plans, financial security for retirement and more.

"We are a full-service insurance and financial services firm," she says. "For our customers in our agency, (the goal) is to identify and make sure we take care of their needs, for both insurance and financial services."

To do this, Falcon likes to get to know her customers, their lifestyles, dreams and plans for the future. That process begins with an insurance and financial review in which she discovers what is most important to them as well as what gaps they have in insurance coverage and savings plans.

"In my office, financial services are strongly emphasized," she says. "We want to make sure [customers] can send their children to the schools they want to. If they don't have children, you focus on their priorities. Š Once it's identified, we go from there and help them as we can."

By consolidating all the types of insurance people need and the financial planning that can help them thrive in the future, Falcon says she not only can make things convenient for people, but give them a sense of security in dealing with a company that has been respected for 80 years.

"The big goal is to become a one-stop shop for insurance and financial services," she says. "We want to be the go-to person for all those needs. We don't want to just talk to you when you have a claim or a problem; we want to touch base with you frequently so we can see what you need along the way. Our agents have personal relationships with our customers. [Customers] have full access at any time to an agent and his or her team."

Because of the special certifications required for each type of insurance and other services offered at State Farm, not all of the company's agents can offer all the products. Falcon, however, is certified to provide all these products anywhere in Louisiana.

Tonic of Youth

People have long sought a magic pill to solve health problems of one type or another, and buy all kinds of nutritional supplements -- often several at a time -- in an effort to boost their energy and improve the way they look and feel.

According to a host of testimonials from happy customers, many of those things can be found in a blue glass bottle of tonic developed in Plano, Texas. ViaViente™, which translates into "alive with youth," is an all-natural tonic made from 11 PhytoNectars™, derived from whole fruits, and a concentrate of trace minerals that mimic the ratio of those found in the pure mineral waters of Ecuador's Vilcabamba Valley, a location where more people per capita live to be over 100 years old than any other place in the world. It is sold locally by Maria Perry (4900 Alexander Drive, Metairie, 888-0335) for $49 a bottle (which is a month's supply if you take one dose a day) or $124 for three bottles.

Dr. Mark Pedersen, who has made nutritional supplements for more than a decade, and Craig Keeland, founder and CEO of ViaViente™, designed the tonic to strengthen and balance the body's overall constitution, boost energy, promote healing over a range of areas in the body and fight the effects of aging.

The tonic strengthens immune and digestive systems, can balance blood-sugar levels and is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which helps to prevent and alleviate a variety of conditions.

"It's awesome," says Perry, who regularly hears often-dramatic testimonials from friends and customers. "It's helping so many people with so many problems. For me personally, it gives me a tremendous amount of energy. It's a whole sense of well-being. Š I feel the benefits in my skin; it's plump, it's clear."

The PhytoNectars™ contained in ViaViente™ come from grapes, prunes, blueberries, huckleberries, elderberries, cranberries, noni fruit, whole-leaf aloe vera, apples, and skullcap and gentian roots. Each has its own strengths in promoting health and battling health problems. Skullcap root, for example, supports healthy bowel, joint, cardiovascular and liver functions as well as relieving aches and pains, bolstering immune response and relieving the effects of nervous tension.

It took Pedersen, who uses the tonic to keep his Crohn's Disease symptoms at bay, 12 years to perfect the ViaViente™ formula, which has undergone rigorous scientific review. To ensure the integrity of the formula from the packing plant to your home, it is packaged in a colored glass bottle that protects it from any damaging effects from the sun.

State Farm Agent Amy Falcon wants to be an active partner in planning a healthy financial future for her customers.
  • State Farm Agent Amy Falcon wants to be an active partner in planning a healthy financial future for her customers.

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