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  • opened on November 18, 2010
  • closed on December 31, 2010

I have fond memories of visiting the following New Orleans Bars:

A. Delicate Jerry's (DJ's) , Rockery Inn, The Fountain Lounge at The Roosevelt, LaLune, Ched’s

4 votes (2.23%)

B. Graff's, Larry & Katz, The Beaconette, La Casa de los Marinos, Ruby Red’s

10 votes (5.59%)

C. Jed's on Oak Street, Quasimodo's, Shanahan's , Dionysious, Robear's

22 votes (12.29%)

D. Que Sera, Sitting Duck, Melius', Sharky's Reef, City Lights, Neobeach, Parlez's

51 votes (28.49%)

E. The Red Room, Club 360, The Wine Loft, Shim Sham Club, El Matador

50 votes (27.93%)

F. Not sure of any of the above and I have never heard of Nicks Bar, but I do frequent Le Phare, Republic, Cure, Oak Bar and the Eiffel Society.

42 votes (23.46%)

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