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How can I manage my diabetes during the holidays?

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You may have to plan ahead a bit, but you can still partake in good food and merriment at holiday parties when you have diabetes. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy diet while enjoying holiday get-togethers.

• Call ahead and find out if the menu includes foods you can work into your healthy eating plan.

• Offer to bring a dish that works for you and that other guests will enjoy.

• Eat a healthy snack before you attend the party so you don’t run the risk of overeating.

• Serve yourself small portions.

• Avoid sugary drinks and limit alcohol.

• If you are a social snacker, serve yourself a plate of raw vegetables so you can snack and chat without guilt.

• Watch out for hidden fats and sugar. For instance, the spinach and artichoke dip is filled with butter and cheese and the honey-glazed ham is coated with sugar and salt. If you eat these kinds of items, enjoy them sparingly.

• Remind yourself that the holidays are a great time to celebrate family and friends. The goodies are a nice treat, but the real reason for the party is the people!

For more information on diabetes care, call Rose Wade at East Jefferson General Hospital’s Diabetes Management Center today at (504) 454-4165 or visit us online at www.ejgh.org.


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