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How can I combat the urge to eat when I’m bored?


Can you unwittingly polish off a bag of potato chips while zoning out in front of the TV? It’s easy to do, and plenty of us are guilty of it. Becoming aware of this behavior is a good first step in breaking the cycle though.

If you find yourself heading for the fridge when there is nothing going on, change the habit by adding more stimulation to your life. If you are bored in front of the TV, instead of heading to the fridge, head outside for an evening stroll. Take the dogs for a walk. (They’ll thank you for it, too.) If the weather is not permitting, then just a change of scenery can help to get your mind off of your stomach. Grab a magazine or a book, pamper yourself with a warm bath or practice some relaxation techniques. And if you really need a distraction, hit the gym. Most are open late in the evening.

For more information about healthy eating habits, call Nutrition Services at East Jefferson General Hospital at (504) 454-4077.

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