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Fall into the Coolest Trends for your Home by Chet Pourciau



Designer Chet Pourciau hosts Chet Chat on WLAE every third Wednesday at 9 p.m. and Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. He is resident designer for WVUE Fox 8. Pourciau is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and donates his talents to numerous nonprofit organizations throughout the New Orleans area. For more information, visit www.chetpourciaudesign.com.

Fall is upon us. Time to watch the trees turn striking autumn shades and get your home ready for the upcoming holiday season. As the kids prepare to trick-or-treat and you break out the pumpkin carving knife, keep in mind that fall also is a time to transition your home from hot summer decor to the cool fall trends of 2012. All year long, I have been watching the patterns in design. Here are the top six must-haves for fall and do-it-yourself ways to achieve them.

Adding bright, eye-popping colors in unexpected places is a simple and easy way to transform a space's entire feel. Bright pillows in bold red or yellow hues spice up a room with an otherwise neutral tone. Solid colors create a cleaner, more youthful look, or they can be combined with geometric patterns to create interest.

Fall is the time when we enjoy the outdoors the most. Who says we can't enjoy nature indoors? A few years ago, faux bois (false wood) items such as wall coverings, placemats and art were popular home accent pieces. In 2012, we see real natural elements incorporated into home decor. Exposed wooden beams, seashells and natural grasses are becoming mainstays. Display an oversized bouquet in a rarely used space to bring attention to an otherwise forgotten area.

Emerald green is, hands down, the "it" color of the season. Traditionally considered a vibrant accent color, green recently was declared the neutral that goes with everything by House Beautiful magazine. If you don't want to go completely green, bring in the color through rugs and artwork. Then you can switch it out when the next color fad comes along.

We aren't talking about floral dining rooms and seashell bathrooms. Big, bold wallpapers are trending for larger rooms such as the bedroom, living room and den. Modern patterns are designed to make a statement. Bring in a bold and dramatic pattern in a powder room. Your guests will love your daring use of wallpaper. If you are wary of committing to wallpaper, try a decorative stencil pattern instead. These can easily be painted over.

This often-overlooked design element can make a powerful, yet subtle statement that adds dimension to your space. Texture creates contrast and brings life to a room. It also can be an alternative to colorblocking. If you're not quite ready to jump in with bold, bright colors, texture can create a lasting impression while using minimal color. Bring texture and natural elements to your design with a recycled wood wall.

Vintage pieces can add character to your home and give your space a unique, sophisticated look. Antiques provide style and substance and are great conversation pieces. Display favorite antique pieces on a coffee table where everyone can see your collection. Don't have anything vintage in your attic? Look for treasures at thrift shops and rummage sales and create your masterpiece. There's a resurgence in antique furniture being re-dressed in modern fabrics and finishes.

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