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Hitting the fan

Former Jindal spox in Fla. furor



  The embarrassing moment at last week's Florida gubernatorial event — when Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to take the stage because opponent and former Gov. Charlie Crist had installed a small electric fan under his podium — got even more embarrassing when the Scott campaign tried to bluster its way out of the nationally televised gaffe. In a bizarre email to press and supporters, Scott's campaign manager Melissa Sellers insisted Scott "never refused to take the stage. ... In fact, our campaign was not notified Charlie had even taken the stage." Quite a claim, since the event was being televised live and Crist spent seven minutes standing alone next to Scott's empty podium.

  If Sellers' name sounds familiar, it's because she served as press secretary and later communications director for Gov. Bobby Jindal in his first term, and earned a reputation for being hardnosed with reporters. It was Sellers who defended Jindal after his much-maligned 2009 Republican response to President Barack Obama's address to Congress, when Jindal was compared to "Kenneth the page," the character played by Jack McBrayer on the sitcom 30 Rock. "Being compared to Kenneth the Page is a whole lot better than what past Louisiana governors have been compared to," Sellers said, managing to reinforce the comparison.

  Sellers left Jindal's employ in 2011 and began working for Scott in 2012.

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