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Comfy styles and outfits for kids

Cute, comfy looks for the tiniest hipsters



Put away the smock dresses and bloomers, says Meg O'Reilly, owner of Abeille NOLA. She takes a modern approach to dressing her 3-year-old daughter Vivian.

  "I've never been into smock dresses or traditional children's clothes," O'Reilly says. "I dress my kid in something I would want to wear, something cool." Two months ago, O'Reilly added a children's section to Abeille. It's clear from the selection of mini-band T-shirts, wrap bracelets and pink tutus that O'Reilly takes the same approach to stocking her store as she does for dressing her daughter: cool and comfy.

  "You don't realize what a kid will wear until you have one. They won't wear certain clothes because it's not comfortable," O'Reilly says. The childrens' clothes at Abeille prove that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. "Our clothes are very fashion-forward," O'Reilly says. "We call it our hipster kids' section."

O'Reilly's five key pieces keep your daughter the happiest, hippest chick on the playground:

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