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Are there plans to repair the fountain at the entrance of Lake Terrace?

Blake Pontchartrain: N.O. Know It All


Hey Blake,

There's a structure inside the traffic circle at the entrance to Lake Terrace where Lakeshore Drive meets Paris Avenue. It looks like a fountain. Are there plans to repair it?

Kathi Barker

Dear Kathi,

  The Lake Terrace subdivision, built in 1953, is bounded by Lakeshore Drive, the London Avenue Canal, Robert E. Lee Boulevard and Bayou St. John. Lake Terrace has an active neighborhood association and several parks and playgrounds. It also has the concrete fountain you mentioned. Built in the mid-1960s, the fountain was a project of the Orleans Levee Board, a state agency that supported a major initiative in 1962 involving flood protection, land development and beautification of the lakefront area.

  Also on Lakeshore Drive is the iconic Mardi Gras Fountain, which was built in 1962 as part of that initiative. Mardi Gras Fountain was heavily damaged in Hurricane Katrina, but repairs were completed last summer. It has several jets of water and ceramic plaques that pay tribute to nearly 100 old and new Mardi Gras krewes.

  The Lake Terrace Fountain continued to be operational after Katrina, although many homes in the area were damaged in the storm. It currently is shut down, however, because it has some cracks in its pool and the electrical system needs to be repaired. The Orleans Levee Board has requested estimates for the work, but the fountain won't be restored until funds are secured.

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