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Edwin Edwards ready to run for 6th Congressional District

EWE said ready to run


A source close to former Gov. Edwin Edwards told Gambit last week that Edwards is strongly leaning toward jumping into the 6th Congressional District race. That would make EWE the third Democrat in the contest and trigger an instant shakeup in an already-crowded field of 10 — not to mention an avalanche of bemused national political reporters hanging on the former governor's every quip. Veteran political reporter John Maginnis called the prospect of Edwards' candidacy "a gift to the tea party."

  Edwards, who served four terms as Louisiana governor, created a stir two weeks ago when Bloomberg News reported he'd said in a phone interview he planned to run. Both Edwards and his wife Trina Scott Edwards later insisted that no decision had been made, and that the former governor had been misquoted.

  Bloomberg, which did not retract its story, quoted Edwards as saying, "I'm just figuring out all the legalities and how to set up a Super-PAC, and then I'm going." But federal law prohibits any coordination between candidates and Super-PACs supporting them.

  Perhaps Edwards hadn't gotten the news — after all, federal laws against candidate/Super-PAC coordination were passed in 2010, when he was still a guest of the federal Bureau of Prisons. — KEVIN ALLMAN

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