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Here goes Nothing: Priests takes on the Potomac

The D.C. punk band is at Mudlark March 2



Socialism red flag: Bearing witness to this self-immolation by Washington, D.C.'s Priests will set you back $10. Don't have a sawbuck? Five dollars will do. Don't have a Lincoln? A Washington? Forget it — get inside, you Bernie Sanders voter, you. With admission based on a sliding scale and the disclaimer "No one turned away for lack of funds," the show is counting on people who can to do the right thing, which is proving to be an increasingly dicey proposition in America these days. Priests know this better than anyone. The swaggering punk band had a front seat to 2016's nationalistic coup d'etat, sure, and its self-released debut LP, Nothing Feels Natural, stormed the Potomac exactly one week after Inauguration Day. But singer Katie Alice Greer has been shouting this tune for years: "Everything's so right wing," she sings on 2014 EP Bodies and Control and Money and Power, a record that reveled in its anti-establishmentism ("I'm disappointed in Y2K / Why didn't things turn out that way?" goes withering closer "And Breeding," a national anthem for the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement if ever there was one). Nothing Feels Natural has more fun with it, because what the hell else is it supposed to do? "Feels good to buy something you can't afford," she chants on opener "Appropriate," followed by the best insult ever levied at capitalism: "Contestant, you're on Wheel of Fortune!" It's reason enough to pay more than $10, and it's damn near guaranteed to feel good. Fellow District of Columbians Hand Grenade Job and New Orleans punks Gland open.

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