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Heavy Fashion Metal

Pendants make bold statements.


Small jewels including garnet, iolite, amethyst, moonstone and peridot are mounted on a sterling silver and 14-karat gold triangle pendant hung from a rolled chain with freshwater pearl drops at the bottom by artist Linda Bickel, from Mon Coeur by Janet Bruno-Small (3952 Magazine St., 899-0064).
The 'Tree of Life' pendant is handmade of brushed gold mounted on hammered silver and has a small garnet on it by artist Sarah M. Peterman, $78, from Saint Joseph Abbey Gift Shop (75376 River Road, St. Benedict, 985-867-2227).
A collage of vintage watch pieces forms a pendant on sterling silver that's mounted on a black rubber cord in this necklace by artist Ruby Ann Bertram-Harker, $105, from Ruby Ann Bertram-Harker (3005 Magazine St., 897-0811 or 800-826-7282; 302 Royal St., 525-1050 or 800-826-7282;

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