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Heat of Battle


For one weekend, the National World War II Museum is giving history buffs a chance to run major world powers, command armies and orchestrate invasions. Wargaming has been a popular hobby for many, but the World War II Museum is the first institution to incorporate it as an extension of educational programming. Wargaming lets players recreate historical and hypothetical conflict scenarios with board games, miniature figurines and computer programs. Players fill the combat boots of generals and make crucial battle decisions, gaining insight into the actual battles. They can even change the course of history, at least for a weekend. The Heat of Battle convention invites History Channel addicts, veterans, war historians and curious onlookers alike. The event builds on the success of monthly wargame meetings and demonstrations. Featured games include Making History: The Calm Before the Storm, Knight's Cross, Flames of War, Eurofront and others. Guests and experts include Frank Chadwick, Glenn Kidd, Larry Brown, Capt. Rick Jacobs and Lou Zocchi. Registration $40 for the weekend, $10-$20 per day. -- Lauren LaBorde

Aug. 24-26

The National World War II Museum, 925 Magazine St., 527-6012;


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