Hearth-felt Presents

A guide to gifts for the home



Good Taste in Art -- These are not just delectable chocolates; they're tiny works of art that intrigue the eye before mesmerizing the taste buds. The chocolates themselves are embellished with flavors such as hazelnut praline, caramel, raspberry, cinnamon, cardoman and truffle cream, coconut and saffron, and each is silk-screened with an edible contemporary design by MarieBelle, available exclusively at Ladybug & Chocolate (6107 Magazine St., 899-8120). Prices are $11 for a four-piece box, $22 for nine pieces, $35 for 16 pieces, $48 for 25 pieces, and $65 for 36 pieces.

Timely Design
A gift that's always right on time is a decorative clock. Everyone needs one and a beautiful timepiece can add a touch of class to your decor, such as this Windsor cherry mantle clock with a brass pendulum and reeded columns, $1,105, from The Clock & Watch Shop (824 Gravier St., 525-3961).

Artistic Nature -- Hungarian artist Borbala Kigyos painted a mosaic of color squares and interesting designs in a palette of greens and golds in Couple II and rust and autumn colors in Couple I for a wall sculpture that will add beauty and interest to any interior space, $1,200. Available exclusively at Interior Designs II (3814 Magazine St., 895-5110).

Heart to Heart
Their hearts will swell like the ones you're giving them when they unwrap these big-hearted three-dimensional ceramic wall sculptures by artist Ted Pullig: a bright yellow heart with a decorative ring and bright flame at the top or a pink heart with teal leopard dots and green and red embellishments, $72 each, or a small rectangle with a swirling design, $18, all from Utopia (5408 Magazine St., 899-8488).


Fancy Footrest -- Textured lines on the covering of a '50s-style design seat make the image change slightly as you move around this stool, which has a blue side border, boomerang shape and wooden legs, $75, from Big Life Toys (3117 Magazine St., 895-8695).


Bar Basics
Great for any fashion-conscious beverage station or bar are retro-contemporary designs in white and silver: a slim cylinder stainless steel pitcher (or vase) with a curved ribbon handle, $69; a comfortably shaped and compact stainless steel bottle opener, $20; and a curved white ceramic tray with wooden ball feet, $25; all from Cameron Jones for Your Home (2127 Magazine St., 524-3119).


Pillow-soft Art -- Large, super-soft throw pillows have black backs and colorful fronts silk-screened with crystal-studded artistic (and humorous) renderings reminiscent of past ages, $28 each, from Christopher's Discoveries (2842 Magazine St., 899-6226).

Treasures for the Season
Jewels are always a good idea for gifts, and here are a range of affordable choices covered with sparkles in all colors: colorful flowers look like a work of art on their own, but also serve as a memo or photo holder, $15; or a range of frames ornamented with sparkling faux gems, $22 each; or choose iridescent blown-glass ornaments in royal blue, $12 each; all from Interiors Market (2240 Magazine St., 525-3330).

Burning Desires --
Hand-blown glass bottles are beautifully ornamented with gold and beads in smokeless, scented oil lamps with lifetime wicks: clear glass lamp, $165; green art-glass lamp, $120. Whimsical, beautiful and functional is a sculpted, hand-painted candlestick (center back) with dangling blown-glass beads by Inez, $265. All from Janet Molero (200 Metairie Road, Metairie, 838-8303;


Sweet Dreams
-- Pastel shades and hand-painted porcelain knobs lend an exuberant Mary Poppins feel to the pieces in the Picadilly Circus line of children's furniture by Pilliod. The group includes beds, desks, nightstands, chests and mirrors priced from $99 to $299, from Compas Furniture for Kids (1817 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 828-KIDS.

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