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Health Care Debate Online


  Each day Congress debates the proposed health care overhaul, Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy will post two- to three-minute video blogs to keep his constituents posted. "We have only had a few days to digest a bill that's nearly 2,000 pages, costs $894 billion and could reshape 17 percent of the federal government," says Cassidy, a Republican. He says his morning video blogs are meant to "expose key elements of Pelosi's health bill and contrast them with Republican alternatives."

  You can keep track with Cassidy at§iontree=21,125&itemid=369. From the other side of the aisle, Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat from New Orleans, has a YouTube address to discuss her ongoing efforts. To watch it, go to Landrieu is particularly concerned with costs and the potential impact of a government-run insurance option. Though Landrieu remains "skeptical" about implementing a public option, she says she is "committed to forging a principled compromise that will drive down costs, increase competition and expand access to quality, affordable health care to all Americans." — Jeremy Alford

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