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Harvey Milk at Siberia


Omitting two shiny happy outliers, the underground rock of Athens, Ga., in the 1990s existed between two extremes: the pop-bubbling psychedelia cooked up by the Olivia Tremor Control, hallucinatory Peter Pans of the Elephant 6 Neverland; and the bubble-popping Captain Hooks wielded by sludge-metallurgists Harvey Milk, whose charcoal whole notes and wickedly timed silences lobotomized Wendy and plucked the wings off Tinker Bell. The latter band's dime-turn dynamics — bloodthirsty battle cries and coffin-hammering drums, evildoing guitars that scream and snap like the car belts on Christine — took more discernable form on each of its first three misleading LPs, 1994 horror show My Love is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be (not even close), 1996 distress flare Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men (wrong again) and 1997 flameout The Pleaser (subject to interpretation). Inactive from 1998-2006, the reunited group has backed away less than gingerly from its second starting point, answering the unsolicited 2008 crossover Life ... The Best Game in Town with 2010's unnerving A Small Turn of Human Kindness (Hydrahead), a giant swerve toward alienating despair. Go figure. War Amps opens. Call for ticket information. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

July 25

Harvey Milk

10 p.m. Monday

Siberia, 2227 St. Claude Ave., 265-8855

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