Habitat for Humanity Responds

Aleis Tusa, communications director for the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity (NOAHH), responded to this article in a statement Oct. 5:

We are continuing to assess all the 280 homes that may or may not be affected and we are receiving test results as they are completed. Currently, NOAHH is assessing 280 homes and currently 148 have returned positive results for corrosive drywall. More testing is still pending.

  For those Habitat homeowners whose homes have tested positive for corrosive drywall, New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity has offered to front the funding for the remediation of their home. As far as we know, we are the first builder in the state to make such an offer. For those families that have signed on to have their home remediated, we have offered a variety of alternate housing opportunities around the city and homeowners have the option to locate housing of their own choosing that fits within the reimbursement parameters. I am not at liberty to release their temporary housing addresses. I will say that the options offered have been met with very positive response from our homeowners and the majority of the homeowners seeking their own arrangements are doing so due to pet issues.

  We have begun the demolition of the interiors and are following the lengthy process of Preservation of Evidence as set forth by Judge Fallon.

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