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8 p.m. Mon., Dec. 8

House of Blues, 225 Decatur St., 310-4999;

Who wouldn't love a band whose Web site ( turns your cursor into a syringe that has to poke the fingers of a severed hand to access the site menu? Since 1985, the gleefully over-the-top thrash costume-metal outfit has delighted in disgust, horror and B-movie-style mayhem (including copious amounts of mystery fluids routinely flung into the eager crowd), with a style that evokes Fraggle Rock on bad acid. Various personnel have filled the slots of band characters like "Flattus Maximus" and "Beefcake the Mighty," but the overall space-Viking-monster vibe (which, though oddly Muppet-like, is endearing) remains constant. Gwar is fond of elaborately lampooning celebrities as part of the show. A recent target was the Finnish band Lordi, which won the 2006 Eurovision song contest with a suspiciously Gwar-esque aesthetic. Currently on its "Electile Dysfunction" tour, Gwar will certainly prove that even after nearly 25 years working its schtick, it can still horrify the parents of fans — even if the band is now older than those parents. Opening are New Orleans' own sludge-metal act Kingdom of Sorrow and West Coast black metal merchant Toxic Holocaust. Tickets $20. — Fensterstock


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