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Gulf Restoration Network Monitors Oil Spill


  Dissatisfied with BP's access and transparency, Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) executive director Cynthia Sarthou says the group is continuing independent monitoring by plane and boat of the oil slick's reach. Sarthou says BP is limiting access to areas where oil has come ashore and cleanup crews can tend to wildlife. BP officials find the damaged areas and then notify the responders, instead of allowing crews to descend on the shores to assist immediately. Sarthou says BP also is restricting independent data collection for water and soil testing.

  The GRN demands federal agencies intervene and activate more leadership in cleanup efforts, monitoring of wildlife, providing public access to collected data, and ensuring independent organizations have access to affected areas.

  The GRN is a five-state network (Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida) dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the Gulf region and its inhabitants. — Alex Woodward

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