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Gulf Coast Artists: Recent Work by Bay St. Louis Artists


Older than New Orleans, tranquil and dreamy Bay St. Louis, Miss., has been called 'a place apart." It's a phrase that assumed extra shades of meaning after Katrina made landfall there, wiping out much of it and leaving the rest in tatters. Its once vibrant art community has been trying to regroup ever since. Currently, New Orleans' Uptown Gallery is featuring work by four Bay St. Louis artists, Michelle Allee, Kat Fitzpatrick, Lori Gordon and R.K. Rowell, who lost homes or studios or both. You'd never know it from the buoyancy of their work, a quality typified by Lori Gordon's Old Timer's Café (pictured), an assemblage that combines old photographs with flotsam left by the storm, a symbolic uniting of past and present into a visual gesture of healing. — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Aug. 2

Uptown Gallery, 139 Broadway St., 864-8642;


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