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Gulf Coast Artists at La Napoule


When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, arts organizations all across America and the world opened their doors to artists displaced by the storm. France took a leading role, and La Napoule Art Foundation, based in a 14th century chateau on the Cote d'Azur, hosted 10 area artists for several weeks this summer. The results of their retreat are on view at the CAC, and anyone who thinks they know what to expect may be in for some surprises. While some followed familiar scripts, others experimented with new ideas, and several took their cues from the chateau and its lush setting. Participants include Elizabeth Bick, whose ghostly photograph of the chateau's interior appears above, Christine Catsifas, Chris Clark, Shawn Hall, Chris Jahncke, Vidho Lorville, Rachel Perkoff, Christopher Saucedo, Dona Simons and Dan Tague. -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Sunday

Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St., 528-3800;


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