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Had visions become reality, Claire Boucher and her college boyfriend might today be living on a riverboat somewhere just west of New Orleans, perhaps settling down between Plaquemine and Donaldsonville at Point Clair(e). She arrives this week three years behind schedule — an aborted voyage that began with a shove off a Minneapolis riverbank in June 2009, in a ramshackle vessel with chickens as cargo and a copy of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as their guide, and ended abruptly downriver when sheriffs seized the unseaworthy craft and sent Huck and Tom back to school in Montreal. If Boucher's story seems a little strange (even for mod Mark Twain), wait until chapter two, in which Huck starts self-recording synthesizer pop music, signs to progressive UK label 4AD, fields overtures from Nylon and Vogue and releases the most habit-forming album yet of 2012. Her new Visions takes only three tracks to realize: "Infinite Love Without Fulfillment" puts all the new elements in place, a mix of fat bass bumps, cumulous synth calls and that vaporous, secret-of-nymph voice; "Genesis" elongates it over an intensifying round robin of arpeggiated charms; and "Oblivion" stages the big takeover by a self-harmonizing squad of future-sick Shangri-Las. Born Gold opens. Free admission. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

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