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Greetings from New Orleans: Photographs by Justin Lundgren


What if you found someone's handwritten postcard, stamped but not yet mailed? Would you mail it? Would you read it first? In Greetings from New Orleans, Justin Lundgren explores this question with 33 photos taken at Mardi Gras and local tourist venues. After having them printed as postcards -- three per photo for a total of 99 -- he wrote dramatic or mundane messages on each, employing a variety of fictitious names. All were addressed to the same Ohio address (his parents'). After "losing" them in public places, he often discreetly watched as each was found, read and sometimes mailed. Of the total, 53 reached their destination. He credits social psychologist Stanley Milgram for this "lost letter" technique for measuring the kindness of strangers in communities, noting that a recovery rate of 53 reflected well on the "much maligned people of New Orleans." -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through July 16

Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St., 210-0224;


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