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GOP Presidential Straw Poll


  Every four years, the Southern Republican Leadership Conference chooses a place to conduct a highly anticipated straw poll for the next presidential cycle — and for four days, beginning April 8, 2010, it'll be in New Orleans. That isn't the only local hook. Baton Rouge businessman and conservative operative Charlie Davis is serving as the gathering's executive director. Moreover, Gov. Bobby Jindal, long rumored to be eyeing the White House, is expected to participate. "Jindal is a huge draw for the conference," Davis says. "It's also the first time the conference has been in New Orleans since 1988." In addition to Jindal, who insists he is running for re-election in 2011 and that's it, all of the other major presidential candidates who are walking a similar line will likely be here, along with the national press. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich may participate as well, but Chuck Norris (a conference regular) may not, even though he has been invited. The conference could draw as many as 3,500 people to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. For more information, visit — Jeremy Alford

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